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North London Fawcett Group Meeting – April

So, we’re at our third meeting already!

This month we’re really going to make things a bit more sociable, let our hair down and get to know each other (there really is no way to write a sentence like that without sounding platitudinous, I’m sorry.)

Anyway, platitudes aside, please come and join us. We will as usual be discussing “old” and new issues as well as letting each other know about events taking place in London.

Hope to see you there!

The Tenants & Residents Association Hall, Ossulston Street, NW1 Map.
April 30th, 7pm – 9pm


Mary Wollestonecraft’s 250th Birthday

A Vindication for Celebration…

Mary Wollstonecraft’s 250th Birthday

Mother of Feminism

Champion of Human Rights

Grandmother of Frankenstein

“A Hyena in Petticoats!”

<img src=”Photobucket” alt=”Mary” />

Two events:
(1) Sunday 26 April: Walk – The King’s Cross
area old and new
For details go to:

(2) Monday 27 April: Mary’s 250th birthday party at St Pancras Old Church and
Gardens, Camden, NW1 1UL, where she was buried in 1797.
Bring food and drinks to share.
5.45pm – 6pm: Vindicating the Rights of Woman – a performance of words and
music by Camden-based group Sounds Like.
6pm: Gather at the Wollstonecraft-Godwin memorial stone to sing “happy
birthday” and to cut the birthday cake.
6.10pm: Brief statement encouraging community groups with a passion to join
together to create a bigger, noisier and more powerful voice to improve our local
6.15pm: Reading of poem Pancras Wells by Camden poet Dinah Livingstone,
followed by a toast to Mary’s pioneering spirit.

The event is organised by a loose collective of active local people, representing a range of different
groups and interests, who found a common purpose in working together to focus on pedestrian
issues around access to Kings Cross. Commemorating Mary’s birthday will help us to reclaim the
space around the station, as well as celebrating Mary’s pioneering spirit.