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Violence against women: have your say

The Home Office has opened a public consultation on
domestic violence against women.

There are a number of ways to
respond, including a very short survey. Or you can email your views to

Thanks to Rachel and Kim for the links!


April Meeting Minutes

April meeting. Thursday 30th April, 7pm at the Ossulston Street Tenants Hall.

In attendance:
Kim, Katherine, Rachael, Matty, Stephanie, Tamsin, Jenny, Corrine.
Bridget, Deborah, Roise and Kaajal

1. Flyers
A. We talked about giving North London group flyers to all members to circulate if they could. Matty agreed to hand them out at NO2ID London events and Kim to see if they could be placed at North London Met Uni.
B. Stephanie to contact Kaajal and get more flyers printed to distribute among members (email us with your address to get some) and bring to the next meeting.

2. Rape Crisis
Boris has dropped his promised funding for the last remaining Rape Crisis centre in London. Every last penny of it.
We worked on two separate plans in reaction to this news.

Firstly, fundraising:

A. We decided to set up a £2 a month standing order campaign. Called either ‘Save Rape Crisis’ or ‘Support Rape Crisis’
B. We need to design a print form making it super easy to donate – Rachael to look into designing
C. We need to set up a website making online payments possible and simple. – Matty to buy domain name. Stephanie to email Taz and ask if she will help with the design. Stephanie to do research for the blurb. Corrine to ask if her web-designing friend might help get it set up. Katherine to ask her web designing brother if he will help too.
D. We need to go and meet with the people running the centre and talk with them about what they can manage and what we can offer them. Matty to ring and circulate the date to the rest of the group.
E. We can organise a large scale comedy benefit launching the scheme. But it was decided we would look into that more next month after approaching politicians and setting up the scheme.
F. Contact South London Fawcett about local press contacts, setting up Croydon-wide publicity for the launch of the scheme. – Matty
G. We also discussed getting a running/cycling team started. Many people run in sponsored events for various charities and we decided to find out more about how to get charities registered. If we got this going well it could easily raise more than the £2 a month campaign.- Deborah and Corrine to research this together. Matty to introduce them.
H. Update our website – Bridget to put a ‘Rape Crisis’ tab on the site. Matty to ask her.
I. Ask Fawcett to link to our £2 campaign in the next monthly newsletter. Matty

Secondly, putting pressure on Boris:

A. Re-jig the Rape Crisis letter for group members to send to their GLA representative and local MP – Stephanie. Then circulate it to the Fawcett monthly email people, the Facebook group, the mailing list and website and the South London group.
B. A weekly reminder to be sent to the group for 3 weeks to make sure it gets done – Matty and Stephanie
C. We will ask Bridget to put forward another question for Mayor’s Question Time along the lines of “Despite your election pledge and the rise in sexual assault and rape figures to XXXXXXX since your election you have reneged, not only on your promise of £1m to fund the current centre in Croydon and open two other centres in London but also on your later, watered down promise of £233,000. How can you justify lying during your election campaign and also abandoning the last remaining Rape Crisis centre in London” – Stephanie to research figures then post the exact wording of the question to the Google group to be worked on by all members.
D. We need to write press releases and work on getting the word out about Boris’ decision and launching the £2 campaign. Tamsin to work on basic release. Matty to ask Lucy to offer to write pieces on the situation for broadsheets, Time Out ad ES. Matty and Stephanie to circulate research for content.

3. Stalls
Kim to ask if we can hold a stall at the London Met feminist discussion on 13th May.

4. Googlegroup issue
It was brought up by Jenny that Bridget had forwarded an email tomembers of our google group inviting them to a Lib Dem event about women in politics. Jenny asserted that this was political favouritism. It was decided that any PPC or MP could come to the meetings and offer their help or invite members to relevant events if that’s what they’d like to do. It was also decided that it was clear the invite was not from the group but from an individual within the group and that we did not have any party political bias.

5. Events
“Evelyn Sharp: Rebel Woman”
“Atheism and Feminism”
Free Self Defence Course
“Angela McRobbie on Contemporary Feminism”
“Women in the recession: Gender equality and the economic crisis”

All events are detailed in the Diary section of this site.

6. Meetings
Re-booking the tenants hall for next month – Matty
We have a lot to do this month!