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PRESS RELEASE: Boris announces Rape Crisis Centres, but where’s the money to insure their future?

After a long flight by campaigners, the Mayor today finally announced the three new Rape Crisis centres he promised during his election campaign nearly two years ago.

Matty Mitford, Spokesperson for the Boris Keep Your Promise Campaign[1] said.

“I’m sure we join all other campaigns for Women in welcoming the new centres, it is a leap forward for vulnerable women in London. Our worry is that, since Boris cut his original funding pledge by 1.6 million, or over half [2], there is now no clear mention of who will pay for the centre’s running costs. They Mayor’s funding only lasts for two years[3], after which who will fund these new centres? With all councils facing huge cuts over the next few years, we could easily find ourselves in the position of having Rape Crisis Centres with no money to run them, all because Boris wouldn’t award the money he promised in his manifesto.”

David Babbs, Director of Campaigning Organisation 38 Degrees says, “We are glad to show that people-powered campaigning can really work. We will be keeping a close eye on Mayor Johnson to see his original promises are kept. It’s the money that matters, not the press release.”


Notes for Editors

[1] Boris Keep Your Promise is a campaign started by the North London brach of the Fawcett Society. Their Website is


[3] in the ‘notes for editors section’.

[4] 38 Degrees are a campaigning organisation, aim to bring political power back to the people

For further information or for immediate or future interview, please contact:

Matty Mitford (Director of Boris Keep Your Promise) on or at xxxxxx
David Babbs (Director of 38 Degrees) or at xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Press Release

For immediate release

Boris, Mayor of Spin, lets women down again.

Despite growing pressure, Boris Johnson again let London women down this morning by announcing, not the three new Rape Crisis centres promised in his election manifesto, but just one. Not the £744,000 a year for 4 years promised in his election manifesto,(1) but just £635,000 over three years.(2) A cut of nearly 2 million pounds.

Responding to the Mayor’s announcement, Boris Keep Your Promise (3) campaign spokesperson, Matilda Mitford, says:

“While any amount of Rape Crisis funding is always welcome, today’s announcement is in truth a huge £2 million cut, cynically spun by the Mayor as a funding announcement. Since his election Boris Johnson has made repeated changes to his original Rape Crisis pledge (4) and when confronted by our campaigners only a few weeks ago, Boris reaffirmed his manifesto commitment to fund an extra 3 rape crisis centres (5) showing himself as Mayor of Spin.”A

“According to today’s announcement, each year he will have given less to Rape Crisis than his ‘chicken feed’ yearly second income (6), a far cry from his grand promises during election time.(7) Until Mr Johnson makes good on his original manifesto commitment of £744,000 a year and three new centres, we can only assume that he is giving as little as he can get away with. Trying to score political points at the cost of some of societies most vulnerable women is no way to defuse this row.”

“Today’s announcement leaves £765,000 remaining in his most recently announced Rape Crisis budget and we look forward to seeing Mayor Johnson;s future funding plans for Rape Crisis.”

Notes for editors
(3) “Boris Keep Your Promise” is a campaign started by the North London branch of the Fawcett Society. Their website is
For further information, or for immediate or future interview, please contact: Matty Mitford, (Director of Boris Keep Your Promise on 07500 836 461 or 07792593224

Press Release

For immediate release.

The Boris Keep Your Promise campaign ambushes Boris Johnson and says “Chicken Feed indeed, Mr Mayor.”

Protesters from the Rape Crisis in Crisis group (1), the North London Fawcett Society (2) and Boris Keep Your Promise (3) today challenged Boris Johnson as he rode out of the GLA car park on his bicycle, demanding that he answer questions regarding the non-appearance of his promised funding for Rape Crisis Centres in London.(4)
During the ambush, (which was both filmed and photographed) protesters said the Mayor appeared flustered as they quizzed him on exactly how much money he’d be giving, where it would come from and when it would be delivered. Campaigners were unhappy that the Mayor was unable to answer their questions satisfactorily, despite his election manifesto promise to give £744,000 a year to fund Rape Crisis Centres in London.(5)

Boris Keep Your Promise Campaign spokesperson Matilda Mitford says “Boris asked us to congratulate him on his funding of Rape Crisis in London and we’d love to it’s just that, despite the Mayor’s big words not a single penny has been forthcoming, more than a year after he promised to ‘act immediately’(6).”

Mr Johnson also declined to sign a standing order form to donate £2 a month to Rape Crisis in London, even though his second salary of £250k, which the Mayor himself described as ‘chicken feed’ (7) is itself more than Rape Crisis London’s entire yearly budget.(8)
Film and photographs of the event are available.
Notes for editors
(1) (2)
(3) Boris Keep Your Promise is a campaign started by the North London branch of the Fawcett Society. Their website is
(5) (6)
(7) details/The+pledge:+We+will+act+immediately/

For further information, or for immediate or future interview, please contact:


EMBARGOED until 00:01 Hours, Friday 29th May 2009

The Boris Keep Your Promise campaign says “Deeds not words, Mr Mayor.”

Responding to the Mayor’s announcement of 1.4 million pounds for ‘Rape crisis provision’ comedian Lucy *******, spokeswoman of the Boris Keep Your Promise (1) campaign says:

“We welcome the Mayor’s announcement but we are seriously concerned as his manifesto pledged to ‘act immediately to provide long-term funding for four Rape Crisis Centres in London.’ (2) but 389 days into his administration he has still not delivered and makes no clear or specific assurances this time, either. There is a striking lack of detail or specific commitments on when and to whom this promised funding will be given.

Campaign Director, Matty ***** (4) says:
“It was only a few weeks ago that Boris admitted the promised funding ‘Would not be found in his budget’, (3) so we are interested in where the Mayor has found this £1.4 million. We sincerely hope his announcement is substance not spin.”

Campaign Coordinator, Stephanie ***** says:
“The RASASC centre in Croydon (5) is London’s last remaining Rape Crisis centre and it regularly faces closure due to lack of funding. When Boris campaigned for election he promised the centre immediate cash, but Boris keeps changing his mind about funding for rape crisis services. We want real commitments not the empty promises we’ve heard from Boris before. We cann’t be happy until the cash arrives at Croydon’s Rape Crisis Centre.”

With public anger towards apparently pocket-lining politicians who promise much and deliver nothing running feverishly high at the moment we’d dearly love the Mayor to buck this trend, but given his constant backtracking on the issue of Rape Crisis funding since his election, Boris Keep Your Promise has to say: “Deeds not words, Mr Mayor.”

Notes for editors:
(1) Boris Keep Your Promise is a campaign started by the North London branch of the Fawcett Society. Their website is
(4) For further comment or information call Matty ******** on ********
(6) A star-studded cabaret show to publicise the campaign will take place on Thursday 4th June. 7-12pm. See for info.



Cabaret performers lash mayor’s Rape Crisis let down.

The campaign calling for London Mayor Boris Johnson to save the capital’s only remaining Rape Crisis centre – as he promised in his election manifesto – will launch with a star-studded cabaret show at hip, underground venue the Resistance Gallery, on Thursday 4th June,.8-12pm.

Boris Keep Your Promise (1), a campaign organised by the London branch of the Fawcett Society (2), seeks to remind the Mayor of his obligation (3) to London’s 3.9 million women, of whom statistics suggest one in four of whom will be sexually assaulted.

The staff and volunteers who run the last remaining centre (4) work under the constant threat of closure as the centre’s core costs must be met by funding that is erratic and cannot be guaranteed from year to year.

Boris Johnson’s pre-election campaign material made a great deal of his promise to pay for three new Rape Crisis centres and fund the existent centre for at least four years (5) which may have won him many floating voters. But more than a year has passed since his election and his silence, and even the possibility of reneging on his promise (6), has been noted.

Surely the charity event of the year, the campaign’s Cabaret Show will feature the comedic talents of Josie Long (Perrier newcomer ), Fancy Chance, (Alternative Miss World), Andrew O’Neill (Saxondale), Miss Behave (Olivier Award winning member of La Clique), The Stillhouse Orchestra, Ophelia Bitz, Amundsen and Slade’s Sonic Sideshow. Many other acts are yet to be confirmed.

The event takes place on Thursday 4th June at the Resistance Gallery in Bethnal Green, and is free. In the best theatrical tradition, it will be “All right on the night,” as organisers are asking show-goers to write a letter at the venue to their London Assembly member and the Mayor (7) expressing their displeasure, and to also donate £2 a month to London Rape Crisis (8). The campaign team will be on hand to assist with letter templates, paper and pens, and will collect the letters for sending at the end of the evening.

Campaign organisers, Matty ****** & Stephanie ******* of North London Fawcett Society, or comedian Lucy ****( (9) are available for interview or comment, as is Yvonne Traynor, director of RASASC Croydon (9). Please contact for print quality jpegs of any of the images.

With public anger towards apparently pocket-lining politicians who promise much and deliver nothing running feverishly high at the moment, it is time to begin to hold our representatives to account – starting with Boris.


(1)See: and
(2) See:
(5) See:
(6) See: and
(8)See: or

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