Rape Crisis

The North London Fawcett Group is backing the campaign to support and save London’s last Rape Crisis Centre.

On Monday 20th July Boris Keep Your Promise teamed up with London Student Feminists and held a rally outside City Hall. After a tip-off from a non-Conservative aid we were able to catch Boris as he was leaving the car park on his bike and ask him a few questions. See the video here:


We have done quite a lot of work on this campaign, which has two main strands.

Firstly, we are launching the Boris Keep Your Promise campaign, to put pressure on Boris and remind him that we were listening when he pledged a large funding boost for Rape Crisis provision across the capital and secondly, we have put together a standing order form making it supremely easy to donate £2 a month (or more if you like) to Croydon Rape Crisis. Both of these ideas have been checked and are supported by the RASASC in Croydon.

We also have two events in the pipeline. Firstly a comedy/cabaret night in Bethnal Green on the 4th June. Booked so far are Miss Behave, Josie Long, The Stillhouse Orchestra, Fancy Chance, Andrew O’Neill and Ophelia Bitz. Checking their diaries are Lucy Porter and Ursula Martinez. It’s free entry, we just want you to write a letter to Boris (we’ll post it) or donate £2 a month the Croydon Rape Crisis Centre (we’ll post the standing order form too).

The next event is a large comedy gala thingy, most probably held in Croydon, possibly at the Fairfield Halls. More info on this as we know it!

Please support us. It is nothing short of a scandal that there is so little provision for women who have suffered rape and sexual assault, together we can change it.

Visit the websites at

Thank you!Boris Keep Your Promise


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