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Courts to get new powers to protect victims of domestic violence

Refuge, the leading organisation combatting domestic violence, has welcomed recent changes to the law.

From late September, courts in England and Wales have greater powers to grant restraining orders to protect victims of domestic violence.

Previously, courts were only able to issue restraining orders following conviction for specific offences. Now abused women will be able to obtain protection without having to go to a separate court or to find the funding to pay for civil orders.

Enforcement of any restraining orders remains key to protecting victims.

In the most extreme cases, men who have been allowed to breach bail conditions with impunity have gone on to murder their partners. Refuge say it is essential that bail conditions and restraining orders are more rigorously enforced, and the Government must provide the courts and police with the resources and training needed to ensure that this happens.

More information is available from the Refuge website.

Running for Refuge

from NLFG member, Claire Dunn:

This year I am running (or attempting to run) the BUPA London 10K on 25th May 2009!

One of my main reasons for running the 10K is so that I can eat more cake. But secondly, and more importantly I’m raising money for Refuge.

Refuge is a national charity for women and children who experience domestic violence. Here are some of the reasons I am raising money for Refuge.

One woman in four experiences domestic violence at some point in their lives.
Two women are killed each week by a current or former partner in and in 90% of domestic violence incidents children are in the same or next room.
On average a woman will be assaulted by her partner or ex-partner 35 times before reporting it to the police.

Just £10 could pay for an hour activity session for a group of children living in a refuge because of domestic violence.

If you feel that you would like to sponsor me you can do so through JustGiving: or if you do not want to go through this site I will be at the next North London Fawcett meeting.

I appreciate that in the current climate things are financially tough so any donations would be gratefully received.

Thank you.

Claire xx

Refuge and the London Marathon

We’ve had this message from Refuge:

Refuge, the national domestic violence charity, is looking for supportive people to come and cheer for our fantastic team in the London Marathon on Sunday April 26th 2009.

Domestic violence is a problem of staggering proportion in this country – one woman in four will experience it at some point in her lifetime, and two women are killed by a current or former partner every week. Since opening the world’s first refuge in Chiswick in 1971, Refuge has been at the forefront of the battle against this violence, and everyday we support more than 1,000 women and children to escape domestic violence and build a safe and positive future. As well as providing emergency safe accomodation, we also provide counselling and outreach services, give advice and advocacy support on pratical matters such as legal and housing rights and employment, run campaigns to raise awareness, and carry out research and lobbying to influence the governmental response to domestic violence.

Every year, Refuge enter a team of fantastic runners in the London Marathon. Our comitted team raise a vital part of our income, and we are so grateful to them for all their efforts both in pounding the road and in raising the much needed funds.

We always wish we could do more to support our runners and show them how much we appreciate their fantastic efforts. This is where you could help! We’re looking for enthusiastic people to come down and cheer for our runners during the day. We want to set up a cheering point on the course packed full of Refuge supporters, so that when our runners go past they’ll hit a wall of supportive sound which will give them a boost just when they need it! Whether you’re running or watching, the London Marathon is a really fantastic day and really enjoyable to be a part of. And who knows…… maybe you’ll get the bug and want to run next year yourself?!?

Interested? Contact Harriet Grey at Refuge.